Hammad: Blocking firing of rockets after unanimous endorsement of all factions

GAZA, (PIC)– Fathi Hammad, the interior minister in Gaza Strip, has said that his ministry would not block firing of resistance rockets at Israeli targets unless all Palestinian factions unanimously endorsed such a step.

He told a press meeting organized by the Palestinian media forum on Saturday that the Hebrew media’s talk about launching a new offensive on the Gaza Strip was farfetched and fell in line with the psychological warfare.

The minister also said that the Hamas leadership was imposing a media blackout on all statements regarding the prisoners’ exchange deal, adding that such a blackout was an essential part in the negotiations.

Shifting to the internal issues, Hammad noted that his ministry managed to continue with its work despite the martyrdom of 350 of its cadres and the destruction of more than 60 of its premises in the latest Israel war on the Strip.

He denied presence of any political prisoner in Gaza, adding that only prisoners awaiting trial for criminal charges were in jail.

The minister asked the journalists to visit the house of former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza to see for themselves that no security elements were occupying it.

He finally said that his ministry had formed a human rights unit that monitors the work of the ministry.



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