Radwan: The PA is still keen on its fruitless negotiations with Israel

GAZA, (PIC)– Senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan stated Monday that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is still insistent on wagering on the option of fruitless negotiations with Israel despite all the disasters and tragedies it inflicted on the Palestinian people.

Radwan made his remarks to the Palestinian information center (PIC) commenting on the statement of spokesman for the PA Nabil Abu Rudeina in which he warned the American administration that the current political vacuum would have serious repercussions threatening the whole region.

He said that the PA did not learn from the strong blow dealt to it by the American administration which demanded Abbas to resume peace talks with Israel without making preconditions regarding the settlement expansion.

The official underlined that Abu Rudeina’s remarks were aimed to gain tangible and moral sympathy for Abbas through indirectly telling international and regional parties especially the American administration that they must continue their support for Abbas if they wanted the survival of the peace process.

He added that these remarks bore out that Abbas was never serious about his intention not to run for elections.

The Hamas official also said in another context that Abbas has no jurisdiction to maintain his position as the PA chief and to run internal affairs.

He added that the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) cannot be dissolved after the end of its legal term except if a new council was elected, noting that any elections cannot take place in the presence of political arrests in the West Bank and in the absence of guarantees for fair and transparent elections.

For his part, MP Mushir Al-Masri, the secretary-general of Hamas parliamentary bloc, said that Fatah faction seeks reconciliation in word and not in deed and wants to use it as a conduit for carrying out agendas away from the real national consensus.

Masri strongly condemned the PA for preventing Dr. Aziz Dweik, the speaker of the PLC, from entering his office to assume his parliamentary duties.

“What reconciliation are they talking about in light of disabling the work of the legislative council, obstructing work of lawmakers, arresting their office managers and putting them under surveillance in a way restricting their personal freedom,” the lawmaker questioned.

For his part, Islamic Jihad official Mohamed Al-Hindi told Islam Online on Monday that the true entrance to the national reconciliation is to build a comprehensive national authority, noting that holding elections early next year is not a gateway to the unity of the Palestinian people.

Hindi underlined that any talk about a Palestinian state without a national unity is an attempt to deceive the Palestinian people and market the illusion of peace again.



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